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The A.R.C is born today!

A.R.C. Amplified Rock Coalition, A.R.C for short, is an organisation that fights against bad music. The coalition was started by three musically talented strapping young lads. They reckoned there was an abundance…


Much has happend since our last update! We have launched an undercover video series where we cover popular songs with our own twist. Recently we coverd Lana del Reys song…

Music video production

Hi everyone!   Right now we are working on a music video for our new single ‘Hit The Floor’. We just have one day of shooting left and then it’s…

New photos from the barn!

We just added new photos on our Facebook from the barn recording. We are also underway with releasing a behind the scenes video about the recording. Check it out here!…

Recording drums

This weekend we recorded drums for the new single that we will release at the beginning of the summer. Finally it’s underway and running and hopefully we will have som…

Good news everyone!

Hi Amplifans! We will shortly be announcing some tour dates for the upcoming spring. Stay tuned for updates.